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a good time. it gives me energy to do this. i have been playing since i was eight and not stopping. tavis: still playing every day? >> if i don't way i kind of miss something. something.ad i was just teasing. i hope you don't sit down. i love your music. you have earned the right if you want to. i think you take my point. i read somewhere recently where know your spirit, so i know what you meant by it. that you don't think you will ever master the horn. >> you never do that. i was friends with dizzy. he said, the closer i get, the farther it looks. tavis: i like that. -- have if not mastered it you tame this beast. >> i don't know if i have tamed it. i am looking for my own voice. when i was trying to find my own voice, and i feel satisfied with the way i play, but there is a lot more to accomplish. what you think is still out there to discover? how much better can you get? >> the more i get in touch with bookf -- there was this written by a famous flautist, and he said, there is a formula for playing. p minus i.als small large p is performance. small p is potential. the minus is how you
try to inspire them, and it's actually exhausting. [laughter] exchangeso much energy , so you get back a lot, of course, but you also have to give a lot. energynd of a high thing. we rehearsed for a few days or sometimes maybe a week, then have the concert and then it is over. with composing, it's the total opposite. it's very lonely. it's very, very slow. describeuld like to composing as one word, slow would be the word. sometimes you can spend nine months, 10 months, year, writing will hear twoou years later or something like that. it's a very different sort of metabolic. did this why are how vocation come to you with regard originalg compositions, writing new contemporary classical stuff, when there is so much of the old stuff? >> if we always thought like that, why would we study? why would we do any kind of research, because we already know so much, there is no one place that can contain all that information. the same thing with art. why paint, because we have michelangelo and leonardo. why waste your time? most likely are not going to be on that level anyway, but it's not about t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2